Health Data Security & Privacy on the African Continent

Opinion Pieces

Global health systems are increasingly focused flashpoints around health data privacy and security. As health systems on the African continent transform to be more digitally mature – how do we ensure the protection of personally identifiable information and how do we use this data to provide more targeted and equitable services?

We, therefore, invite you to join our robust discussion as we imagine a future of work in healthcare that takes on board lessons learned and prioritises health data privacy and security.

We’ll call on experts to share their insights answering questions like:

• What is the current state of play in Health Data Privacy and Security in Africa?
• Why is the protection of personal identifiable information important?
• What can we learn from existing policies and frameworks around the world to secure health data on the African continent
• What tools and technologies exist and what are the drawbacks and advantages
• What immediate actions need to be taken

Join us in three-part series as we look to unpack this important topic and how we can harness the best of scalable technology and manage the risks in a digital world in securing health data assets. Part One will give you an overview of the core challenges and opportunities, while Part Two and Three will delve into more technical detail.

Come and join the debate and be part of the solution!

Panel Discussion: Health Data Security & Privacy on the African Continent

Tuesday 09th November 2021, 3pm (SAST)


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