Deliberate. Creative. Cohesive.


Defining the private sector’s role in Sustainable Development Goals
Matthew Pace’s 7.15.15 piece in Sustaining Development, “The realities of achieving effective SDG partnerships,” sparked thoughts on principles I believe must guide and define the private sector’s involvement in developing and implementing strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

  1.  DELIBERATE. Effective partnerships require a commitment to identify common and shared goals, clearly define roles and responsibilities and hold all collaborators accountable—including the private sector as well as government, NGOs, donors, multi-laterals, academia and communities involved.
  1.  CREATIVE. Think beyond current models for private sector involvement—primarily focused on financial contributions—to a new role in developing sustainable products and services that generate employment and boost local economies.
  1. COHESIVE. The private sector has the opportunity to provide shared access to data, analytics and social collaboration tools to enable all stakeholders to track progress against goals.

I offer these three straightforward imperatives to the U.N. delegates as they prepare to meet in September to focus on strategies for action as a framework to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

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