Congratulations to our partner National Department of Health for winning the CPSI Public Sector Innovation Award for the CCMDD program

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We are excited congratulate all involved in the South African National Central Chronic Medicines Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) program funded by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on winning the CPSI Public Sector Innovation Award. BroadReach Health Development is proud to provide technical assistance to the National Department of Health (NDoH) on this vital program since 2021. This initiative is a crucial component of the national HIV treatment and care strategy, helping encourage more people to stay on treatment by making it simpler and more convenient for well patients to receive their antiretroviral therapies (ARV). 

The CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards promote and encourage best practice in public sector innovation and service delivery. They celebrate the successes of individuals, teams and departments in the quest for a more effective, efficient and accountable government.  

‘Collaboration is a core value at BroadReach’, says Latasha Treger, Principle Investigator for BroadReach on the CDC funded program. ‘We are therefore excited to work with our innovative and dedicated colleagues within NDoH as we share a common vision that access to good health enables people to flourish’.  

Specifically, the CCMDD program provides an alternative mechanism to facilitate access to medicine for stable patients. This is facilitated through external pick-up points (PuPs) providing patients with a more convenient option for the collection of their repeat medicine which have been dispensed and distributed via the program. The PuP may be closer to their homes or workplace and can result in reduced transport costs and time.   

Ms Maggie Munsay from NDOH and Jongi Ngwenya from BroadReach Health Development accepted the award on behalf of the team. The BroadReach Group are proud and humbled to be associated with this innovative program. Congratulations team!  

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