BroadReach Group Signs Racial & Ethnic Equity Pledge


BroadReach is pleased to join the Coalition for Racial & Ethnic Equity in Development (CREED) as represented by our Group CEO, Chris LeGrand and sign the Pledge for Racial & Ethnic Equity (REE). BroadReach is joining more than 30 not-for-profit and for-profit development organizations publicly committing to building diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments. 

 “At BroadReach, we commit to bringing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into all that we do. By joining the CREED and signing the Pledge, we are excited to join a community of organizations on a similar journey, and through partnership and collaboration bring real change,” said Chris Le Grand. 

By signing this Pledge, BroadReach reiterates our commitment to: 

  • Strengthening our commitments and accountability for REE within our own organizations’ policies, systems and culture starting with our U.S.-based workplaces 
  • Creating practical and quantifiable standards for advancing REE within BroadReach Group 
  • Working to instil REE as a core principle in the development sector 

“To be effective and create meaningful shifts, CREED’s REE Pledge is taking a focused view to build equity by concentrating on strengthening racial and ethnic equity within United States-based organizations” said Indira Kaur Ahluwalia, Founder/Chair of CREED and CEO of KAUR Strategies.  

CREED welcomes BroadReach to a learning community of like-minded organizations committed to integrating Racial & Ethnic Equity into how we work. 

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